Day two in Bogota

After a seriosly early night we were up at the disgusting hour of 7am and with Daisys motivation I was wrongly convinced in to going for a run to a local park. I almost died serveral times proving that the most dangerous thing I have encounterd so far is Daisy! I’m pretty certain we passed a gun shop on our journey to this non-existent park. After a breif breakfast of corn cakes and eggs (a breakfast I would very quickly get sick of) we set off in to town ending up at the Museo del oro which roughly translates to shiney looking torture. But with hours to kill and the knowladge of a vegetarian restaurant nearby promising more than bland beige food we took the museum in our stride. We succesfully navigated our way through a busy city of street vendors and wolf whistles to the comfort of Quinua Y Amaranto where we ate vegetables untill they were bursting at our seams. After walking in squares lost yet again we got a taxi home! Wondering how there are so many hours in a day here!


8 thoughts on “Day two in Bogota

  1. Bogot√° is great–just sprawling so it feels like not much is happening. I’d compare it to Bangkok where I lived for several years. Okay, so maybe not quite. Check out the street art scene in La Candelaria and to the north in the Chapinero neighborhood. Not sure what your itinerary is but I highly suggest visiting some smaller towns such as San Gil in Santander, Jard√≠n in Antioquia and the smaller towns in the Coffee Triangle like Salento. Medell√≠n also has more of a gringo nightlife scene than Bogot√°, but it’s not my personal favorite. Disfruta!


  2. Wolf whistles? Oh no. It sounds like you’ve had a nasty welcoming party in South America: a hotel that turned you away and a bunch of guys that want to get in your pants. I hope it gets better from here on out.

    I think you guys need an “about” page to summarize your planned route. I’m planning to visit South America again and you’re inspiring me with your posts. Keep ’em coming.



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