Sweaty San Gil

So day four and we are still fucked from jet lagg infact it seems to be getting worse we were up at 5.30am this morning! So being the resoureful cheep skates that we are we decided against a guided tour (a running theme for us) and instead headed off in search of a local bus to take us to the waterfall. Which was seriously amusing for the locals who bombarded us with friendly chatter, at an hour thats too early to function in english let alone spanish! We were advised to leave the hostel at about 9am but instead arrived way before 8 and had the place to ourselves. By mid day we were all waterfalled out and decided to head back to the hostel. Apparently the busses went every half hour so after waiting for 15 minuets we decided we should start walking back and just thumb down the bus on its way past. This may sound simple but with the “Colombian Clocks” we ended up walking for about 2 hours in the mid day sun with no water and having completely sweated off our sun cream feeling like something off bear grills. Our necks costantly snapping round at the slightest sound of a vehicle. We were finally picked up two sunburnt gringos frantically waving at the bus with hopeful eyes, and charged full price for the ride back home the cheek of it! For lunch we went to the cutest colombian place Meson del arriero where we overindulged and rolled home. For dinner we ended up back at Gringo Mikes for a Giant cookie to share and some margaritas, with the first of the many friends we would make on this trip Andy, Marc and Hen.

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