Slow paced Pisac and a brief stop in Bolivia

So a brief stop in slow paced Pisac where we stayed only one night worried that any longer and we would end up being shamanic healers, going vegan and growing dreadlocks. The stop although breif was very enjoyable as we aimlessly wondered the market bartering with the owners over various trinkets we don’t need or have space for, eating more coconut energy balls than must be medically advised and discussing the effects of crystal healing. The next stop was Puno and lake titicaca and after a night bus there we were disorientated and unsure of what tour to do, so we made a very rash unusual choice and decided to cross the boarder to the Bolivian side of the lake because once upon a time someone told us it was better over there. So more busses and a new stamp and we are in Bolivia. Where the oat banana cake is to die for. We stay one night scaling the nearest mountain for sunset only for it to start raining just before and unprepared in our T-shirt’s we returned without having seen the sun actually set. Worth it for the view tho!

The next morning we embark on our dirt cheep tour of Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol the two must see Islands. We spent more of the day on the painfully slow boat than we do on either island but both have amazing view points and the lunch was lovely at the cliff edge restaurant that sold only trout in a variety of different ways. Once back on the mainland we eat yet more cake! And then boarded our bus back to Peru only 30 hours after we arrived which warranted us some very dodgy looks from boarder control.

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