Busy Buenos Aires and Malbec in Mendoza

So back to a busy city, we arrive absolutely knackered from our night bus and with no where to stay, as we are a day early for our apartment. We manage to check in to a hostel and message our Scottish friends from carnival. So a few hours later and there are two gingers outside our hostel ready to show us the town. Starting with the bars obviously! Where these lightweights found themselves slurring their words and ranting shit after only two gin and tonics. But not letting that stop us we went on a bit of a bar crawl where the drinks turned to jugs. A couple of drinks later and I am packing Daisy off in a cab and heading to a club where the jug turns in to a bottle and barely half way through and i am being sent home in a cab myself.

The next morning we check in to our air bnb an all red leather interior design disaster where our hosts seemed soo nervous/excited to check us in that they talked over each other explaining where to find every item of cutlery in great detail. Time to grab some food and we head out in search of a Vietnamese place recommended by a friend in São Paulo. We find it after a lot of confusion, wrong terns and stops to find internet. The food was amazing and sat at the bar we watched the flames rising from the woks.

Somehow this managed to take up our whole day and after a glass of wine in a nearby bar we head home.

The next day we decide it is time to try some of the Argentinian delicacy’s meat and ice cream! We head to “La Cabrera” where we load up on enough beef to start our own dairy farm. This doesn’t stop us eating what felt like entire tubs of ice creams in all different flavours. Yum! But now completely full it’s time to hit “bomba del tiempo” an apparent must do in Buenos Aires. This turns out to be the biggest hippies drumming circle I’ve ever seen in my life (and I’ve seen a few)! We sway unrhythmicly for a while getting high of the neighbours fumes before we find some very attractive looking hammocks. Here we remain until a complete stranger tries to get in my hammock with me and we decide to call it a night. Next stop Mendoza the wine capital of Argentina and probably the most unfortunate place to develop a wine allergy.

Mendoza was a bit rushed with only enough time to drink wine and leave. The free wine tasting and tour of a family owned local vineyard was amazing as we learnt all the different methods and utensils used in the making of their famous Malbec. We then stopped off at a few more bodegas for their very generous tastings before heading home happy ladies. The next morning I awoke with a rash from head to toe with what I can only assume is an allergy that will put my wine drinking days to rest.

The next day I decide it’s probably best to skip the vineyards as Daisy heads out eager to fit in another bodega before we leave on our 19hr bus to Bariloche.

2 thoughts on “Busy Buenos Aires and Malbec in Mendoza

  1. Hey thanks for the follow of Misplaced Mapcase. I guess you are back in England now. I really enjoyed reading you blog about places we visited (and some we passed) in our rediscovery of South America. I think maybe we crossed paths in Peru, possibly in Lima or Aguas Calientes. Thank you for your fresh perspectives.


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