Day two in Bogota

After a seriosly early night we were up at the disgusting hour of 7am and with Daisys motivation I was wrongly convinced in to going for a run to a local park. I almost died serveral times proving that the most dangerous thing I have encounterd so far is Daisy! I’m pretty certain we passed a gun shop on our journey to this non-existent park. After a breif breakfast of corn cakes and eggs (a breakfast I would very quickly get sick of) we set off in to town ending up at the Museo del oro which roughly translates to shiney looking torture. But with hours to kill and the knowladge of a vegetarian restaurant nearby promising more than bland beige food we took the museum in our stride. We succesfully navigated our way through a busy city of street vendors and wolf whistles to the comfort of Quinua Y Amaranto where we ate vegetables untill they were bursting at our seams. After walking in squares lost yet again we got a taxi home! Wondering how there are so many hours in a day here!


So it begins…

And so it begins 15hrs travelling and we are finally here. We arrived at our hotel at 7am only to be turned away, turns out check in is at 1pm. So thats two very hungover, jet lagged white girls lost on the streets of Bogota, Colombia’s capital. Despite the bad start the day was a success, after a very questionable breakfast of watery fish soup, eggs two ways and a variety of different stodgy potatoes and rice we headed off in the direction of the nearest mountain in the hope of a good view. At the pace of 1km/ph walking at the base of the mountain looking longingly for a way up we settled for a taxi. The view was amazing! On the way back down after what felt like an entire expedition, we still arrived before our designated check in time even though we managed to get lost. Bummer! More stodgy beige food consumed and we are finally allowed to take our rightful places as blanket-cases. We are forced to resurface on the hunt for food hours later, wondering around in our pijamas looking for something vaguely appealing. Mexican it is! Another dangerous dash across a busy road eyes following us in utter shock and we are back in bed left wondering how after months of discussing kidnaps and how unsafe it is here, we are roaming the streets in our pijamas on day one!