Powering palomino

Another day another tan line. This time an awkward neck burn caused by shit sun cream application. There is more skill involved in this apparently simple task than meets the eye. So our first evening here in palomino welcomed the first of a series of blackouts that have happened throughout our stay. Meaning no lights, phone reception or WiFi! So after walking through an apparent ghetto, looking for a better rout to town than through the woods we found a nice bar with a back up generator so we pitched up there to wait for our friends from back home. Hoping that they would be drawn in by the music and lights. We were in luck a few hours later we recognised their silhouettes and signalled them in. A nice dinner later with our very jet lagged companions where at least one person was starring off in to space at any given moment and we all retired to bed exhausted but optimistic for tubing the next day. Another early start and we waited on the beach for the others to arise. Then we all set off in the mid day sun with giant tubes balanced on our heads on an uphill sweaty trek. We expected some sort of rapid adventure but instead it was the most chilled lazy river ever, where we marvelled at the surrounding beauty for the first 10 minuets then spent the next hour with clenched bladders and complaining about the lack of food and beer. When the river finally washed up on the beach, six very hungry sunburn Brit’s rushed back to civilisation for some falafel wraps and beers. That evening we passed by a restaurant I been recommended “7 mares” it was completely empty and my so called comedian friends sarcastically joked about making a reservation. Karma hit us when after a few cocktails we tried to return for dinner to find every table full! So after a few walks up and down the street staring desperately in willing the people to eat faster and leave, we decided our bellies could wait no more and settled for pizza.

Saying goodbye to San Gil

So San Gil flew by, I’m still struggling to decide if my highlight was white water rafting or the Italian burger from Gringo Mikes which no word of a lie is the best burger I’ve ever eaten! We set off about 8 of us from the hostel for the rafting, on arrival they did a half hour safety briefing explaining that this wasn’t just a fun day out but an extreme sport and then proceeded to explain how dangerous it was! It was at this moment as we struggled to stay focused on what he was saying and were more concerned about sun burn that we seriously began to wonder if it was such a great idea to take part in level 5 rapids (rapids only go up to level 6) when it is one of the few things our insurance doesn’t cover. We jokingly discussed how anyone injured would have to put a brave face on it until we got far enough away from the scene of the crime that we could blame it on something else! We hopped in to the boat a flurry of nervous laughter and realised we were at the front therefore leading the whole team, poor souls! We swallowed our body weight in dirty river water struggling to stop the boat capsizing! At one point the instructor shouted inside and I leapt maybe a bit too enthusiastically as the whole boat tipped to one side and I ended up on top of Daisy almost knocking her out with my paddle! The boat became a paddling pool as it filled with water and we frantically continued to paddle as it slowly drained out and we made it back alive and well! Now all on a hype from the rafting we tried to instigate a pool party back at our hostel which was an epic fail where we drank overpriced rum and passed out by 12am! A few rushed hungover goodbyes to our new friends after a day lazing by the pool and we set off on the night bus to Santa Marta!