Sunny San Gil

So Day three and another 6am wake up (and I thought this was a holiday)! Another shit breakfast and we set off to San Gil! We embarked on our supposedly 5 hour bus journey armed with a bag of crisps and a cereal bar each, feeling pretty prepaired. 8 hours later and our belly’s have fully began to eat themselves as we dismount at our destination with a serious case of numb bums. We then checked in to the worlds most stoned hostel, the balcony rammed with 15 tanned youths staring absentmindedly at their phones. A trip in to the beautiful town on the usual search for food proves fruitfull when we successfully navigate to Gringo Mikes and fill up on the best food yet, Mexican! Later finally fully recovered from our England hangovers and no longer repulsed by alcohol we went for a beer, the local square was so amazingly lit up with christmass lights they put England to shame. Did I mention the beer had mango in it!