Powering palomino

Another day another tan line. This time an awkward neck burn caused by shit sun cream application. There is more skill involved in this apparently simple task than meets the eye. So our first evening here in palomino welcomed the first of a series of blackouts that have happened throughout our stay. Meaning no lights, phone reception or WiFi! So after walking through an apparent ghetto, looking for a better rout to town than through the woods we found a nice bar with a back up generator so we pitched up there to wait for our friends from back home. Hoping that they would be drawn in by the music and lights. We were in luck a few hours later we recognised their silhouettes and signalled them in. A nice dinner later with our very jet lagged companions where at least one person was starring off in to space at any given moment and we all retired to bed exhausted but optimistic for tubing the next day. Another early start and we waited on the beach for the others to arise. Then we all set off in the mid day sun with giant tubes balanced on our heads on an uphill sweaty trek. We expected some sort of rapid adventure but instead it was the most chilled lazy river ever, where we marvelled at the surrounding beauty for the first 10 minuets then spent the next hour with clenched bladders and complaining about the lack of food and beer. When the river finally washed up on the beach, six very hungry sunburn Brit’s rushed back to civilisation for some falafel wraps and beers. That evening we passed by a restaurant I been recommended “7 mares” it was completely empty and my so called comedian friends sarcastically joked about making a reservation. Karma hit us when after a few cocktails we tried to return for dinner to find every table full! So after a few walks up and down the street staring desperately in willing the people to eat faster and leave, we decided our bellies could wait no more and settled for pizza.


Tasty Taganga.

The night bus to Santa Marta was a killer where lacking a pillow I woke up with my book propped under my head and a seriously crooked neck! We didn’t even leave Santa Marta terminal and just jumped straight on a bus to Taganga where we stayed for two nights at Nirvana hostel the sister of the hostel in San Gil meaning discounts!! For two days we blended in to the sun beds and embarrassed ourselves playing pool with our new Aussie mates, where we sank more beers than pool balls. The food has been amazing here the first day we went to Babaganoush a Turkish restaurant with the most amazing view and beautiful food! The following day bored of small talk and feeling pretty unsociable, we instantly regretted agreeing to go for a bike ride with the Aussies so instead snuck off in search of a place high up to view the sunset. We walked up the closest mountain but always seemed just one more corner away from the perfect view, after walking for a while some police on bikes stopped us to inform us that we were walking towards a very dangerous area! Sounds like we dodged a bullet and turned back content with a half view but still in possession of our cameras and bags. That night we had a very indulgent dinner in Pachamama a french restaurant at the end of the road! The food was amazing and we were serenaded by local musicians throughout the meal! We then went back to the hostel revived and ready to drink some beers and play some cards. We taught our Aussie friends how to play Irish snap and spoons but after a few rounds and some seriously bent spoons we realised we were all too aggressively competitive to continue so we retired to bed excited for the national park tomorrow!